Ladies Dress Watches – The Past and Future of That Which Elegantly Tells More Than Just Time

We often forget the progression and evolution of the things we know and use almost every day.

The Ladies Dress Watch is today one of the more eloquent, complementary and even crucial accessories for a fashionable woman dressing up for almost any occasion.

But wrist watches for women took time, so to speak, to arrive at their sleek and charming designs and to accomplish a certain look as to not overwhelm a woman’s wrist as well as being comfortable and functional.

The wrist watch itself actually came out of a necessity of soldiers to have a more quick and efficient way to look at their watch at a time where everyone had pocket watches. Except for the more expensive ones, pocket watches were big, heavy and clunky devices which taking in and out of your pocket on the battle field was less than desirable. and so improvising with strapping them their wrists using leather straps gave birth to the wrist watch.

But as the progression from the pocket watch to the wrist watch was heading forward, the system and tools by which they were produced did not allow yet for a wrist watch to be thin and have smaller internal parts to be built in such a way and still function correctly. This posed a challenge as how to create a ladies watch to appeal to woman, integrate well with their style, look and figure and still tell the time.

This is most likely why, in general, ladies’ watches have developed over the years into a clean and simple format and design that singles the elegance that a watch can possess as it sits on a wrist. While men’s watches developed variations and additions to chronograph functions, changes to ladies dress watches as well as ladies sport watches, were made to the shape of the dial and case, and to colors for the wrist strap and dial itself. In ladies dress watches and ladies fashion watches, the variations of subtle elements of color and shine such as the spectrum of silver-tone and gold-tone mixed with metallic ion black or sparkly blue, became one of the outstanding features of the design as opposed to technical features.

In contemporary fashion, ladies dress watches are a leading component of the waves of new fashion trends and styles. They take a good place between ladies sports watch and ladies fashion watches or jewelry watches. The Ladies Sport Watch incorporates materials that are more durable and resistant as well as lighter, this creates a light and more comfortable watch to wear for sports and casual occasions. Fashion and Jewelry watches are some times heavier than dress watches and often have diamonds embedded in the case surrounding the dial, or have the square dial in a gold or white gold case and are much more open about attracting attention and extravagantly sparkling in a room.

The ladies dress watch continues to evolve and as its variations keep finding their way into more styles, the lines between the different types sometimes gets blurred, and that is part of the ever changing fashion of accessories. But these watches look to have a colorful future that escapes the boundaries of silver and gold, as black and blue take a more prominent role in shaping the personality of these elegant and beautiful crafted marvels. These watches may even transform in surprising ways such as to integrate with rings in much the same way as some bracelets do, and it will be fascinating to see how the ladies dress watch in the times to come.